The perfect companion for the AeroPress.

New Features

  • AeroPressĀ® Timer is now officially licensed by Aerobie, Inc.
  • AeroPressĀ® Timer allows you to explore the versatility of the AeroPress with nine unique recipes.
  • AeroPress Timer now has three different units of measure: Metric, US, and Simple.
  • A shiny new Start button!
  • Beautifully displays your measurements and steps for maximum readability.

In the press


"You'll be drinking a delicious, full-bodied cup of coffee, if you don't totally screw it up. And even if you're new to the Aeropress, the app will help make sure that doesn't happen."

Leslie Horn - Gizmodo

Brett Terpstra

"I used to accomplish this with the default stopwatch app and a lap timer, but this is a major improvement."

Brett Terpstra - brettterpstra.com

Twitter: @ttscoff

Cult of Mac

"Aeropress Timer App For Coffee-Loving Nerds"

Charlie Sorrel - Cult of Mac

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AeroPress Timer was created by Beloved Robot.

AeroPress is the registered trademark of Aerobie, Inc.